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OVER A.S.K.V. Kratos


A.S.K.V. Kratos is the first strength sports student association in Amsterdam. We are the club for everyone who loves the gym and lifting stuff. Current level is not important, and everyone is welcome! Are you interested in strength sports and fitness? Would you like to know more about the technique of the big 3 powerlifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift), the theory behind different subjects in the fitness industry or do you just want to meet other lifters to make gains together? Then Kratos is the association for you!


Most of our members practice powerlifting, but the other strength sports (Weightlifting, Strongman, Crossfit, Calesthenics and Bodybuilding) are represented as well. Furthermore, we currently offer a beginners powerlifting course every ten weeks through the USC universe gym, with the plan to also offer this course at location sports center VU starting from academic calendar year 2022-2023. Every Thursday evening we train together from 19:30-22:00 at USC Universum gym. This is basically free training where everyone does their own thing, but this is the time to ask a form check or other training related question. Fun and a whole lot of "yeah buddy" are guaranteed on training nights.

We also host fun activities every month. This can include anything from seminairs, pubquizes, themed training nights or our famous all you can eat adventures and BBQ nights.

Also, as a member of Kratos, you get priority to sign up for competitions from the KNKF (the Dutch national powerlift federation). At our mockmeets (practice competitions for powerlifting and weightlifting) that we organize quarterly, members are always welcome (for free) to come and compete.

So become a member of the strongest student association in Amsterdam!

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